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We provide lifestyle enhancement and learning strategies through affordable one-on-one tutoring and coaching. Brilliant Minds Tutoring is available to students 4 years - Adult.

The Brilliant Difference

We provide tutoring and coaching sessions in a comfortable environment...your home, online, or a safe location of choice.

This convenient and low-cost option is conducive to learning by providing the student with a familiar environment while allowing other family members to continue with their normal responsibilities.

Brilliant Minds is a program offered under Urban Schools Collaborative LLC, which is a home-based business with more than 35 years of staff experience. We offer a wide range of academic subjects, test preparation, study skills, STEM and sports. Our tutors are certified teachers, degreed professionals and college graduates who are experts in their content areas. They provide hands-on experiences while teaching the mechanics of the subject matter and study strategies to reach teh need of the student.

The Brilliant Approach

We use systematic analysis that assist students as they approach all topics they encounter in school or the workplace. Our program provides the students with basic problem-solving skills that answer the student's immediate questions and gives them the framework for future applications.

Specifically, each student will receive:

A Brilliant Diagnosis.

A free in-home consultation analyzing data through report cards, progress reports, testing data and teacher assessments.

 A Brilliant Plan.

Customized results-based development plan that includes strategies for rates of progress as early as 8 - 12 weeks.

 A Brilliant Tutor.

Our tutors are vetted teachers and degreed professionals who are involved in homework, project work and teacher conferences.