Biomedical Summer Scholars Academy                

July 5 - July 26, 2018


Applications open January 31, 2018

Texas Southern University's (TSU) Department of Biology will broaden participation among African-American, Latina/o, and economically disadvantaged students in STEM programs to cultivate interest and aptitude in STEM disciplines to then enter undergraduate programs and graduate in STEM fields. 

Middle and high school students in grades 8 - 12  [Ages 14yrs - 18yrs] will be interviewed and selected to shadow graduate students during summer. They utilize STEM-based laboratory instruction and research on TSU's campus. 

The number of minorities and females in STEM college and career paths has not increased in 14 years, according to Change the Equation reported in US News in February 2015. This data is the driving force in this collaborative partnership led by Drs. Warren Williams and Ayodotun Sodipe from the Department of Biology at TSU.  Dr. Sodipe serves as Lead Professor for the instructional laboratories and projects in Molecular and Forensic research for the camp participants at TSU.   

The curricula of our two majors, Comprehensive Biology and Pre-Health Science aim to expose students to a wide variety of classroom, laboratory, and field experiences fundamental to the life sciences. Through programs supported by institutions such as the NASA University Research Center, the department provides opportunities to conduct hands-on scientific research on a broad field of expertise from cell signaling to Phylogenetics.

The classes will explain basic and clinical research, as well as exploring larger questions related to biotechnology and understanding career paths in health-related fields.

Interested youth should submit an Application with Student Narrative for review. Please submit your completed documentation to scholars@educa8ion.com.

If selected to move on to Phase 2, applicants should be prepared to complete additional documentation and participate in a face-to-face interview. Participants must have interest in STEM college/career paths.