The mission of our company is to provide quality STEM, Robotics, and Computer Science programs for our students, in turn, 

developing independent learners across the world.

Urban Schools Collaborative is an MWBE/HUB-Certified company led by professionals who are committed to innovation in STEM, Robotics, and Computer Science for under-represented youth.  We offer the following programs during summer: RoboCampHER, CODEHER, FitMath, Biomedical Summer Scholars Academy at Texas Southern University in Houston, Texas.

Urban Schools Collaborative (USC) partners with for-profit and non-profit organizations with like goals.  Our collaborations, sponsors, and guests include Texas Southern University's Department of Biology, UT Health/MD Anderson Cancer Center, The City of Houston's HIRE HOUSTON YOUTH, Houston Area Urban League, Yvonne D Murphy, Kirby Roberts & Co., LAMIK Beauty, and TechPrep by Facebook.

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